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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

About The Process

Acoustic ceiling removal, often referred to as popcorn ceiling removal, is a
laborious and messy process so homeowners often look to specialized crews to
do the work. The process is 50% preparation and 30% messy work with the
application of texture the most important part of the job.

Whether a home is furnished or vacant, caution has to be taken to guard against
the acoustic scrapings from getting onto floors and furniture. The entire house
needs to be bagged in plastic, usually with multiple layers.

Popcorn acoustic ceilings come off better once wet. Too much water and the
drywall beneath is wet, not enough water and the acoustic doesn’t want to
scrape off, so experience helps when wetting the ceiling.

Precision Scraping

Most professionals find it useful to use a small blade putty knife rather than a
large scraper. Often the large scrapers will gouge into the wallboard causing
additional repairs to be made before texturing begins.

Once scraping begins the word messy again comes to mind. Scraping acoustic
from overhead brings the wet gooey material down on the person scraping.
Every square inch of the acoustic ceiling has to be scraped. This often reveals
areas that will need to be re-coated or even taped before texture begins.

Once the acoustic is on the floor it is time to clean up before texturing. The
plastic that protected the walls are taken down and the top layer of plastic
containing the acoustic is removed. A bottom layer is left to protect the floor
during the hand texturing process.